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演藝事業系 Department of Performing Arts Industries
English Introduction

English Introduction


Cooperate with the Ministry of Education to encourage universities to apply for cross-disciplinary degree programs or credit courses, so as to activate the flexibility of the higher education system and promote the overall cultivation and use of key talents. The school focuses on the Department of Cosmetics Application and Management, and combines the Minsheng College, the Digital Multimedia Department, and industry resources to establish the "Department of Performing  Arts Industries."


Comprehensive curriculum and talent training

This department trains students for performing arts with three abilities: "performing arts", "planning and production of performing arts content", and "management and management of performing arts businesses."



1.Performing Arts Courses: Performance Basics, Body Language and Art, Performance Practice, etc.

2.Performing Arts Courses: Planning and production of film and television programs, director and stage practice, etc.          

3.Performing Arts Business Courses: Performing Arts Business Management, Performing Arts Broker Management, Performing Arts Regulations, etc.


3.Features of dual-track teaching of science and practice      

The department adopts dual-track teaching of learning theory and practice. In practice, production companies, film and television companies, and theater companies cooperate to provide internships.


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