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演藝事業系 Department of Performing Arts Industries

Degree Program of Performing Arts

Director: Jen-wen Cheng (Ph.D. )


Program Outline: Taipei Chengshih University of Science and Technology’s Performing Arts program (Undergraduate/Bachelor Degree) is rooted in a strong liberal arts foundation. Our teaching staffs possess a combination of high-level academic training and practical professional experience across the performing arts, in fields including performance, editing, directing media communications, stage lighting and sound, and script writing. The program is distinguished by interdisciplinary approaches that foster our students’ performance, aesthetic, creative, and management capacities.


Program Goals: Our program combines academic training and professional practice to produce graduates for whom theory is brought to life through practice. Our graduates demonstrate are instilled with superior abilities that are required of performing arts professionals on-stage and off, encompassing performance, planning, management, and so on.


Professional Development and Industry Cooperation: Our program provides students with a wide range of learning experiences on and in professional settings. Our cooperative partnerships across Taiwan’s media, arts and entertainment industries—including the Central Pictures Corporation, Formosa TV, Top TV, Gala Television Corporation, Dafeng Cable TV, public relations firms, talent management agencies and event management companies—give our students opportunities to strengthen their professional abilities, allowing them to be job-ready from the moment they graduate.